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2022 Scholarships Recipients

Anais Revera-Gonzales

Zoe Okimoto

Isaac Snyder

Ricky Woodring
2.1.81 - 11.16.98

Ricky Woodring was 17 years old and a senior at Galena High School while on his way home from off campus baseball practice. Unfortunately, a driver failed to yield, and Ricky lost his life in the automobile accident. Ricky was a talented baseball pitcher and a gifted guitar and piano player. Ricky achieved academic success after receiving help for his ADD and said he would like to help people like himself one day.

Scholarships in Ricky’s name benefit baseball, music and special education. Additionally, the annual Ricky Woodring Memorial/Galena High School Golf Tournament has supported all Galena High athletic programs. It currently supports plans for an event plaza and also provides funds to the Babe Ruth organization for families in need.

More About Ricky
Since Ricky’s passing, the Ricky Woodring Memorial Fund, through kind donations and the Ricky Woodring/Galena High Golf Tournaments, has made the following contributions:
$11,600 to South Reno Babe Ruth

Financial scholarships help pay for season fees, cleats and gloves for young menwhose families are in need.

$39,000 to Galena High School Scholarships

This includes the Ricky Woodring “Heart of Gold” Baseball Scholarship awarded for work ethics and sportsmanship, the Ricky Woodring Memorial MusicScholarship & the Ricky Woodring Resource Scholarship which is awarded to a student with well-rounded achievements including academic, in spite of a health impairment or a learning disability.

$45,489 to Galena Athletic Programs

This includes help with uniforms, games and tournament costs for all athletic programs.

$89,913 to Baseball Program

Ricky was planning a fundraising program for the baseball program at the time of his accident. He was committed to helping the program.

$100,900 to Galena Event Plaza

The next phase will be excavation and building the structure which will house the ticket booths, restrooms, food and concession stands along with storage.

Please join us for the 22nd Annual Ricky Woodring Memorial Fund and
Galena High School Athletic Programs Scholarship Golf Tournament!

September 10th, 2022

Ricky Loved Music

Listen to some of Ricky's recordings