Ricky Woodring Music Scholarship

The RICKY WOODRING MEMORIAL “MUSIC” SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a senior music student (instrumental or vocal) who demonstrates dedication and passion for music. The student is selected by the music instructors and the scholarship committee after submitting an application.

1999-Patrick McComas
2000-Amy Ebbe
2001-Christine Crosley
2002-Ali Moosberg
2003-Garrett Grow
2004-Virginia Smith
2005-Trevor Bullock
2006-Emily Rollins
2007-Katie Allen
2008-Ellyn Morrill/Ronianne Scott
2009-Josh Warren
2010-Brittany Brace
2011-Samantha Jenkins
2012-Gabriella Kobany
2013-Thomas Thompson
2014-Lindsey Hobbs
2015-Sarah Cryan
2016-Kimberly Ruiz
2017-Tanner Amundson
2018-Emily Teglia
2019-Jacob Reynolds
2020-Morgan Louie
2021-Jenna Parker
2022-Zoe Okimoto

Ricky Woodring Heart of Gold Scholarship

The RICKY WOODRING “HEART OF GOLD “ BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a senior baseball player selected by his teammates and coaches for sportsmanship and work ethic. The 1999 varsity Galena baseball team helped develop this scholarship by writing down admirable characteristics they felt Ricky displayed on and off the field.

1999-Peter White
2000-Russell Miller
2001-Jeffrey Cowles
2002-Richard Cummins
2003-Warren Whitley
2004-Rod Scurry
2005-Phillip Diaz
2006-Justin Norvich
2007-Jeremy Groves
2008-Pete Lazzari
2009-Luke Hess
2010-Eric Howsley
2011-Dustin Granata
2012-Andrew Hunter
2013-Cole Fenner
2014-Timothy Lichty
2015-Nathan Barry
2016-Tyler Assiff
2017-Austin Wickham
2018-Charles Douglas
2019-Brian Baker
2020-Joseph Combs
2021-Collier Overholser
2022-Isaac Snyder

Ricky Woodring Resource Scholarship

The RICKY WOODRING “RESOURCE” SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a senior student who has well rounded achievements, including academics, in spite of a health impairment or a learning disability. The student is selected by the special education department after submitting an essay explaining why this scholarship would be special for them to achieve. This scholarship was developed by Susan Strandberg and Jacque Matteoni.

2001-Annie Baxter
2002-Katherine Woodring
2003-Kelly Keefe
2004-Kyle Crawford
2005-Stephen Schumacher
2006-Katie Ghidossi
2007-Sheri Huggins
2008-Hailey Clements
2009-Kristin Katich
2010-Josh DeBord
2011-Makenzie Davis
2012-Richard Chire
2013-James Ellis and Logan Nebe
2014-Jose Carlos Sanchez Anguiano
2015-Maria Tejada Salazar
2016-Itzel Flores
2017-Kendra Mitchell
2018-Megumi Rose Brooks
2019-Ivan Encarnacion
2020-Madison Rund
2021-Israel Martinez
2022-Anais Revera-Gonzales